Ransom and the Subset with Debut album

album_cover300.jpgBoy, I like these guys.  The Seattle-based band Ransom and the Subset are so good; they  harmonize, they rock, they smooth and groove.  You - or at least I - could listen to them all day.  Each song is a sophisticated work of craftsmanship and art, but at the same time just fun. Too bad they are based in Seattle, where I can't see them every week live.  But they are coming to California at some point with their refreshing pop-rock sound,  strong melodies and surprising arrangements. Along with infectious hooks and witty, insightful lyricism, Ransom and the Subset delivers modern rock and power pop from decades pas.

Ransom and the Subset is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist RanDair Porter. Taking his self-made demos, Porter recruited  producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian E. King (OranJuly and Parks) and Grammy-winning engineer/mixer Ducky Carlisle (Mike Viola, Bleu, Major Labels, Taylor Locke and the Roughs). The team of three collaborated to create Ransom and the Subset’s debut album No Time to Lose.

Porter also went  to Boston to work with King and Carlisle on the album, making a stop in NYC where he worked with Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) who contributed both guitar and bass guitar to the track “Sticking Onto You". With luck and perseverance he brought in great Seattle musicians like Mike Musburger (formerly of the Posies) on drums and Mike Squires (formerly with Harvey Danger) on bass guitar, providing the driving rhythm section for “Leaving With You'.

Ransom and the Subset's first single - "Million Out of Me" was selected as a top 10 finalist in the Alchemy Song Writing competition and top 5 rock songs in the international SongDoor Song Writing competition. No Time to Lose has been released in Japan where the band has a big following. US and international release is scheduled for early October, but we have the tunes and will give you an exclusive preview this Friday.



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