Rayvon Owen. fate brought him to us

rayvon_b_w_standing_300sq.jpgSometimes things just work out.  I get dozens of emails and FB messages and other forms of communication (a CD slipped under my car window one).  Rayvon Owen's agent is a friend and set an email to let me know about his concert this Friday in LA and added a music sample. I can't go because  of another event, but on a whim I decided to play the sound file.  I liked  it so much I decided to have him on the air.  He is new as a recording artist, but not as a performer.  He has been singing in choir and small venues and festivals since he was a kid.  A  few years in Nashville honed his songwriting skills and I think he is ready for the big time.  Tune in and let me know if you agree.



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