Reuben and the Dark 11.15.13

301.jpgReuben and the Dark is the newest project from Calgary's Reuben Bullock. I saw them a few weeks ago at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and was so blown away I had to book them immediately.  I had actually come for another band - Reuben was the warm up - and I knew immediately they were goin places. Fresh off the release of his second solo album, Bullock has formed a band of some of Alberta's finest musicians. This quartet has been quickly building a reputation as a killer live band, their soaring four-part vocal harmonies achieving epic heights, always leaving crowds hungry for more. And at the core of all this sits Bullock's songs, which manage to achieve a balance between seemingly disparate elements: the introspective with the anthemic, and the feat of sounding simultaneously ancient and uniquely contemporary. Recently brought to London by LUV LUV LUV Records (Florence and the Machine/Blood Orange), the band has returned from a European tour with a new release and headed off to California for gigs in the States. 

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