Rising star Laura Jean Anderson this Friday

LJA_sofar._300sq.jpgMy head swiveled around a few nights ago when I was watching TV and a Jack in Box ad came on.  I usually mute the sound to commercials, or skip them if they are recorded, but this one caught my eye and my ear.  In the ad was Laura Jean Anderson, featured on a jack In the Box Music Minute ad. I said to myself, "wait a minute - she is on the show this Friday".  I logged on to the studio site and opened up the calendar and sure enough, the face staring out of my PR photo folder was the same one singing to me from the television.  

I have no idea how she got there, or if she got paid in burgers, but we are going to find out.  Laura Jean Anderson is so talented, so personable and so much fun that interviewing her will be a hoot for me, her and all of you.

Tune in this Friday for Laura Jean Anderson.  And much on a burger while you listen.



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