Robin Yukiko sings from her album "Love War" for Valentine's Day

yukiko_bw300sq.jpgI met Robin Yukiko on the internet - really.  I met her on twitter through RT's of one of my #FF's or #MM's.  And I am glad I did.  She is a great talent with a very interesting story.  And she is a new mom!  A Pennsylvania-based eclectic pop and blues singer/songwriter and a music producer,.Robin can be serious, romantic, lighthearted and melancholoy . Robin has operatic and choral training and an international background, including a stint in Japan, where she has family.  She left her opera training to produce her debut album Me & My Apathy, an eclectic suite of 11 original songs.  She released a second album, “Love War” and performs locally, writes and produces songs for other bands  while keeping up with her new baby.  She will be on Music FridayLive! at 2:30 pm ET 

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