Sa'ra Charismata powerful music, powerful message

sara_no_pink_tree_crop_600sq.jpgThe 60's and 70's in the USA and Europe were a time of protest music, of songs that not only had a strong message, but that people could sing while marching or at a rally or just whenever they got together.  Sometimes the message was explicit - "We Ain't Going to Go to War No More", and sometimes they were metaphorical, like "The Times They re a-changing".   Those songs, especially in English ae much rarer now.  there are new causes, new music forms, new distribution channel that make it hard to find them.  So I was very happy when I discovered Sa'ra Charismata.

Sa’ra Charismata was born to Eritrean parents, raised in Stockholm, Sweden and lives in Sweden and New York City . She writes and co-produces all of her own material, which are poerful, sometimes otheworldly and carry the kind of message that a person with her international experience can bring. In her process, she seems driven by forces described by herself as beyond her own. Some would call energies of this nature otherworldly, and it is true that Sa’ra possesses that uncanny knack for drawing in a listener with visually beautiful melodies and trippy beats while delivering her payload of commentary.

She is wrapping up production of her debut album, drawing on the success of her single"Gold Digga".  In this album she addresses her concern that “We have lost touch of who we are at our spiritual core and suffer as we continue to define others and ourselves by material possessions and status, a disease firmly embedded into our social structures.” Her music takes square aim at that that disease and seeks to erase it. She just might do it.  We will talk about it this Friday.

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