Salme. Queen of dance music, licensing and all things fun. This Friday 8.1.14

SALME_FACE_300sq.jpgThis is going to be a blast.  Salme Dahlstrom is pure fun, pure talent and  a very good story teller.  Her music is addictive.  Categorized as “dance music” it goes way beyond that.    Acid Cowgirl, her previous hit, was dynamite and charted well.  The new work, Pop Propaganda Volume 2: Retro Funk Soul Junction, comes out September 16 and if the lead single, “Pop Ur Heart Out” is any indication, the whole album will go right to the top, not only of the Billboard Dance chart, but global charts too. Part of the reason I say this is that everything I have heard is really, really radio ready.  Full of  hooks and so accessible that boomers can dig it despite the riffs of hip-hop and dance music embedded in what is otherwise  genre sugar pop.

Salme is called Queen of licensing because she has managed to license everyone of her songs for commercials or corporate or television broadcasts.  Trust me - you have heard her music, you just didn't know it. The new album, which I am sure she will license too, comes out the middle of next moth and we will help her preview it here with some spins and a special appearance.  But this Friday, you get to look behind the curtain  and hear how this amazingly talented woman puts together hit after hit.  Be there to talk with her.

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