Salme returns better than ever.

skull300.jpgI could listen to Salme Dahlstrom's dance music all day long - in fact, some days I do.  I just put it on and let the energy it radiates keep me going through blogs, scripts, reviews and working out on my bike.  Somehow the "Queen of Licensing" never gets repetitive  in a repetitive genre.  The subtle notes, background sounds, side conversations that she engineers in (she produces her own music) keep it well above the fray. Whether its "Bodies in Motion" or a version of Pop Ur Heart Out" Salme is always fresh.  How she manages to do it all - be a mom, record, write, perform, and run a very successful music licensing business is hared to understand.  I guess, Salme proves the old adage - if  you want something done, give it a busy woman. My only problem with Salme is that she is there (New York) and e are here (LA) and so far the twain have not met.  But, there is hope for a tour someday. We welcome New York dance bands, really, we do.

She is taking a little time to be with us on MusicFridayLive! and introduce us  to her new EP, Pop Propaganda 2: Retro Funk Soul Junction. And tell us about the cool USB bracelet she is offering with two EP's embedded in it.  Only Salme could think of that.



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