Sarah Pierce's new album springs from the Texas land and a history of strong women

SARAH_PIERCE_GUITAR_MIC_STAGE_300_sq.jpgEven though I talk about LA as my hometown and consider myself a Californian, I was born in Texas and moved to California as a very small child. I spent enough summers in Texas on my grandparents chicken ranch to have a feel and memories of the Texas land.  That land - in the dead center of Texas, was dry, dusty and dotted with occasional small towns.  Sarah Pierce, knows this land.  Like me, she is a refugee, only in her case it was to, not from Texas.  The daughter of a cowboy, raised in a family of cattlemen, she was born in Rockford, Illinois but moved to rural West Texas, a landscape not far from and almost identical to my grandparents' ranch. 

But unlike me, she had musical talent. In the 6th grade she was kicked out of the children’s choir because she sang too low...her incredible alto voice already making itself be known. She would later get on her mare and sing to the cattle in the fields, as Pierce says “They didn’t seem to mind”.

Sarah's dream of becoming a singer detoured into a medical degree. But she could not stop the music and  began a musical, not medical journey and she is still on the journey a few years and eight albums later.

Sarah has toured hundreds of thousands of miles - both domestic and foreign - receiving rave reviews at fairs, festivals, conventions, and concert dates from New York City to Los Angeles and Northern British Columbia to San Antonio, France, Italy, Germany, and Scandinavia. Her willingness to self-promote her music has included a driving tour of 250 NPR/AC/Country radio stations across the country, doing interviews and live on-air performances. In addition, she has been seen in performance on MTV and was heard as the singing voice of Calamity Jane on the Emmy-nominated Time-Life television mini-series, The Wild West. 

With the release of her eighth album, Bring It On, and the first single, Butterfly Tattoo, going to #5 in the nation on Independent Country Charts, Sarah once again was able to show that she is a force both commercially and more importantly creatively. Sarah is now releasing her 9th CD, Barbed Wire.

When asked, she says that “Barbed Wire has been a long time coming. I think this is my most honest writing and surely the closest I have ever come to having that which I imagine become reality. It definitely could be seen as a follow-up to my autobiographical Cowboy’s Daughter CD. This one is absolutely ‘all cards on the table.’ That is what I love most about it...having the courage to not chase anything just write my songs. Tell the truth, and let the chips fall as they may!” 

Well, this Friday, we get to ask her about Barbed Wire and anything else about her stellar musical career.  I for one, can't wait.



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