Sin Color at Club Los Globos: present at the creation.

at_mic._stand_up300sq.jpgI love seeing the birth of a great band at the very beginning, which is what I think I witnessed last night at Club Los Globos on the edge of Hollywood with Sin Color, the South LA duo of singer Crisia Regalado and multi-instrumentalist David Aquino, plus a kick-ass backing band of drummer Nico Curiel, bass player David Campos and the incredibly talented synth/bongo player Ivan McCormick.

Sin Color (“Without Color” – a misnomer if there ever was one) has burst on the American Latin Music scene in Los Angles, transforming traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes. Lead singer Regalado, who at 19 isn’t actually old enough to be in the Los Globos club, trained in opera singing since she was ten years old.  Like  LA’s other classically trained Latina, pianist Irene Diaz, she puts her training to work combining operatic singing with pop sensibilities and songwriting. 

Combined with Aquino’s deft guitar and keyboard chops, the two of them create their own unique sound. Sin Color mixes bossa nova, cumbia, and disco into an indie pop song which is the opposite of the sugary confections that often try to pass for fusion pop. Danceable – yes; but also meaningful and delivered with an intensity that surprises the audience when comes from the diminutive Regalado. And they are just beginning – only one song up on SoundCloud plus a handful of live and cellphone videos, with the lyric “Pergunto” giving a first class example of their talent.

 Because of the paucity of recorded music, the growing number of Sin Color fans have to enjoy them live, which is getting easier as Sin Color is working their way through the hot spots for ALM and Chicano pop music in LA and beyond. They have mesmerized audiences at events and venues such as Dark Nights at L.A. Live, Día de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the East Los Angeles Art Walk, The Moltaban Theater, Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Los Globos, and Boyle Heights favorites, M-Bar, Mariachi Plaza, and Eastside Luv. The act is polished and very tight, remarkable for such a fresh band. Their appearance last night at the legendary Los Globos signals that these two are stepping out and are ready for the bigger time.

Keep your eyes on Sin Color.  They have a ways to go before they settle down into a consistent configuration, what they are doing now is tight and dynamite.  See them live while you can still afford the tickets.








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