Sin color mixes it up with us this Friday.

sin_color_fashion_shot._300_sq.jpgI have talked here before about the creative cauldron that is EastLos - East Los Angeles, an area that actually expands south and north into downtown and even beyond into the San Gabriel Valley.  Here the culture of Latin America, especially Mexico, meshes with the culture of American rock and roll and blues and rap and hip hop to produce ALM - American Latin Music.  Dozens of bands, singer/songwriters, clubs, producers, agents swirl around mixing forms, mixing languages, mixing cultures and producing stars. And then there are the exceptions, the stars that did not start from the usual cumbia and rock, ranchero and blues, Latin and R&B.  Sin Color is one such exception. 

Sin Color (Without Color) started not with rock or rap or blues;  it started with opera.  Sin Color is transforming traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes like their colleagues, but they come at it from a totally different place - classical. Crisia Regaladom, lead singer of the band trained in opera singing since she was ten years old and was ready for a career looking out over the symphony. But popular music pierced the classical bubble and she dipped her toe into the ALM world and now combines her operatic singing voice with pop, creating the band's own unique sound. Sin Color mixes their sound of bossa nova, cumbia, and disco through indie pop, which sparks a shimmering movement and dance experience for their audience. 

They are on the cusp of moving into the bright lights, having performed at events and local venues such as Dark Nights at L.A. Live, Día de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the East Los Angeles Art Walk, The Moltaban Theater, Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Los Globos, and Boyle Heights favorites, M-Bar, Mariachi Plaza, and Eastside Luv. We are delighted to have them on Music Friday Live!

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