Smith & Wesley bring us their rock solid country music

smitha_nd_wesley_album_cover300sq.jpgThe brothers Scott and Todd Smith are everything that is right about country music.  iI say that as someone who really likes country, but has been alarmed by its direction - it seems more like glam rock with an occasional slide guitar. It seems like there is not a lot of difference between country and pop, which may be why Taylor Swift was able to make the transition so smoothly or that Disney has decided to get into country music. So it is really refreshing when a band comes along that can rock with the best of them, but never loses its roots, in this case, in North Georgia.

Being singer-songwriters helps - they create and perform authentic material.  And being brothers who grew up together taking piano lessons also helps.  But I think it is their love of bluegrass and classic country and their proficiency with many stringed instruments - guitar, dobro, banjo helps too.  They can cover the full range of instrumental sounds that one expects to hear in country. And the band they have assembled are all country pros - Greg Jordy on keys (who went to school with the brothers), Steve and Josh Pettyjohn on guitars, and Dee Callihan - all three of who are related.  So while this is by definition, "Brocountry" it is also a family.

And they can rock.  They can move their songs along with high tempo 4/4 beats that are great to dance to. 

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