Steps of Doe create magic - and make you laugh.

stesp_of_do_sign300.jpgThere is a video (below) of Steps of Doe - the duo of  Keena Batti and Molly Falck  - singing in a METRO station in Los Angeles. The song explains to people how to buy a ticket and ride the train.  It is not only grat music, but a grat idea and itg made the day for many, many harried commuters and lost tourists.  But that is the kind of people Steps of Do are - talented, funny, brave, kind and magical. 

Keena and Molly are just themselves - no fancy costumes, stage acts, or pretensions.  Yet they create harmonically ornate songs  that encompasses love, uncertainty t and the unexplicable but familiar human emotions we all share.  Together they create a dynamic of authentic storytelling wrapped in shimmering harmonies.  It is really something.

 Keena Batti and Molly Falck's voices were obviously born to be heard together. They unite like the engines on a twin-prop plane and soar through melodies with precision, creating beautiful arcs that make you close your eyes and just listen - not easy in a noisy bar. Their first single “Beneath the Shadow of the King” showcases the real joy of musical collaboration and augers for a great future.  We will talk about that future - and listen to some of that music - this Friday.


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