SWIRL and Maggie McCLure. Rock and pop. Friday

maggie_mclure_300sq.jpgI love contrasts.  SWIRL is really, really hard rock - and really, really good hard rock and deeply literary.  Listen carefully, while you headbob and crowd surf. Maggie McCLure is as bright and fun and pop as you can get and still be a very series, talented singer-songwriter.  Which is why you have heard her music in network television shows.  She knows how to give directors the emotion and the feel they need.

They won't be on together, but as the two bookends of Friday's show, I think they will be a study in the bookends of American music.  I am going to try to get Maggie to hum or even sing a few tunes.  SWIRL - not so much: my microphone is not geared for it, so we will listen to their latest album.


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