The Bylines. 10.18.13


The Bylines are with us this week.  Like I said in a blog post last week,  when I first saw The Bylines  at the Witzend, I just had to have them on the show.  The had the room on its feet.  Jazz, blues, broadway, rock - they do it all with sophisticated arrangements and clever lyrics. I only saw the founders,  Marianna Thielen and husband and keyboard artist Reece Marsahburn.  They did not have the whole band with them, but they still filled the room with sounds.  When the whole band plays they bring big-band sounds to modern  pop and can seamlessly transition between rock, blues, jazz, pop,  classical while creating something totally unique, and most of all, fun, sound.  Marianna and Reece join us at Music Friday this week at 11:05 am 

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