The Marias mesmerize the Skirball

MARIA_WITH_GUITAR300.jpgThe Marias brought their unique psychedelic jazz-rock to the Skirball Cultural Center on the West Side of LA and packed the place with mesmerized, swaying fans.  A Latina-led, bi-lingual band with a growing national following, the Maria's seem to take special pleasure in entertaining outdoors in major art institutions.  Last time I saw them live was at MOCA downtown. But it doesn't seem like the venue matters - every time I see them, it is with a full house of their fans and friends.  And the crush afterward for autographs and selfies is amazing (and amazing about how patient and gracious Maria is, making each fan feel like they are the only one there, especially the many, many little girls who know all of her songs. Maybe one day I will brave the crowd, wait for the girls, and get my selfie too.

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