The Strands pack Room 5 in Hollywood and we were there

Full_band._amada_focus.jpgI make a point of getting to venues n Holywood early so I can get close enough to shoot photos and video, and whenever possible get a table to put my notebook and equipment on.  I got to the Room 5 Lounge about 45 min early for The Strands and it was standing room only.  They had been on my show the day before and I wanted to experience them live and review their show.  Amanda Campbell, lead singer for the group has the most unusual voice - kind of like very fine old wine that tastes good at first sip but then grows on you more and more with each song. The band itself is superb - Susan Ferrari songwriter and keys, the legendary Richard Green on lead guitar, and the group's founder, Paul on bass. 

Fortunately, a couple in the right front corner table - perfect for videos - had to leave and my years of watching rooms and audiences allowed me to slide into the upholstered armchair first (Room5 Lounge is really a lounge - the chairs are all comfy, stuffed leather armchairs...very nice. And I was only a few feet from Green and his guitar plus I had a nice side shot of Amanda at the microphone but without the instrument in front of her face, the usual problem with being front and center.

So I was set with my usual straight shot of Patron Silver with a Coke chaser, the best table in the house, both cameras where I wanted them, and The Strands right there in front of me!  The rest of the night was magic.

I will write a review of The Strands' concert that night and publish it in the usual places with a Quik Cut in the Review page of the website, so watch your Twitter feed for a tweet.  in the meantime, you can feel a little of the magic in the video.


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