Thug metal? That is what they call it. Jey of Solus Deus enlightens us

dubup._300sq.jpgEvery now and then I like to step out of my comfort zone, in this case into very, very heavy metal.  Anyone who listens to this show regularly knows I lean toward alt-rock, American Latino Music, singer/songwriter, folk, pop, rock and jazz rock.  I am not a metal fan, but ever since I had the metal guitar genius Xander Demos on the show and he walked us through good metal, I keep my ears cocked for quality metal music. And when I find it, I put it on the show.

There is a segment of metal that lives in images and themes of over-the-top Halloween symbology and horror movies iconography, and is lots of fun.  Solus Deus has taken that a step further. The horror imagery is there - and it is pretty camp - but the music is very skillful and it demands a careful listening.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but a lot of us don't drink tea and this fit perfectly.  Tune in while we talk to a superb musician who can tickle our funny bones while letting us explore new parts of our ears if we take the time to listen.  It will be fun.

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