Top 10+1 for 2016

halo_circus_allison_with_mic__eyes_closed_300sq.jpgWe are off for the holidays until 1/6/17, but I want to share my favorite Music Friday Live programs and my top 10+1 songs for 2016.  Why +1?  Because there were more than 10!  

The top 10+1 are ( not in order of preference - depends on my mood):


Blue by Polaris Rose

Katarina by Mitre

La Bamba Rebelde by Las Cafeteras

My Sweetest Sin by Irene Diaz

Nothing at All by Halo Circus

Pergunto by Sin Color

Smile by Maggie Szabo

Spin the World by Eric Zayne

The Overload by King Washington

You Bring Me Luck, by Athena

Vamos a Gozar by Buyepongo


My favorite shows of the year were:

3/18/16  Brandon Stansel toured with Taylor Swift, debut album. Polaris Rose new songs.

4/08/16  Salme and Nick Valentini. two great talents debuting new songs only here

11/18/16  Taylor Jahn previews his new EP. El Dusty home from the Latin Grammys

8/26/16    Blake and Janita stop by on their tour. Drummer Kevin Bowers returns with music!

12/09/16   Hot San Jorcho Rock and Russian cool pop: Las Cafeteras and Ksenia


Check them out and happy new year








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