Top Ten/Favorites for 2015


 This is the first year Music Friday Live has published a top 10 and favorites list, so I am sticking to Los Angeles-based and/or produced bands that I have been able to see live as well as hear recorded.  My criteria are my personal taste and judgment, not how many albums, downloads or songs  sold. I went back and reread reviews I have written, but I also asked, is this on my favorites playlist?  Also, some of these were released before 2015, but I think highly enough of them that I included them here in our first Top Ten list.  Future lists will be for that year only. That being said, here we go.

Top Ten American Latin Music bands/artists 

Gabby Moreno

Las Cafeteras

La Santa Cecillia

Irene  Diaz


Halo Circus

Alih Jey

Chicano Batman

El Mariachi Manchester

Making Movies


Top ten favorite bands/artists (all genres)

Las Cafeteras

La Santa Cecillia

Gabby Moreno

Salvador Santana

Polaris Rose

Irene Diaz

Doña Oxford

Halo Circus

Maggie Szabo



Top ten songs (all genres)

Rise Up, Salvador Santana  (with Alex Nester)

Crazy Love, Irene Diaz

Coming Home, The Jack Shit Band

Do You Believe in Shame, Halo Circus

La Bamba Rebelde, Las Cafeteras

Dreamers, Polaris Rose

Tidal Waves and Hurricanes, Maggie Szabo

Casi Un Recordo, Mitre (with Irene Diaz)

You Bring Me Luck, Athena

Cylvia, Cylvia


Top ten albums/EP’s (all genres)

Someday New, La Santa Cecillia

I Love You Madly, Irene Diaz

Welcome Nugget, The Jack Shit Band

It’s Time, Las Cafeteras

Postales, Gaby Moreno

Telescopes, Polaris Rose

Shot of Gold, Jackie Bristow

Fantasy Reality, Salvador Santana

Mitré, Mitré

Time Travel, Jasmine Jordan


Favorite rap song (all genres, all years)

Rise Up, Salvador Santana


Favorite song with a political message

Crooked Cops,  JasiriX


Favorite band with a political message

Las Cafeteras


Favorite female singer/songwriter

Gaby Moreno


Favorite male singer/songwriter

Salvador Santana


Favorite venue in Los Angeles

Los Globos



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