Vn Wilks 3.4.16 with a new album

van_wilks_stage_grimmace._300.jpgI spend Thursdays researching my guests – looking at their websites, their PR packages, their twitter feeds, their Facebook and Instagram sites and, most importantly,  listening to their  music.   This is always a rewarding experience, but sometimes it can get a little routine, a little soporific.  Not so yesterday.  I had Van Wilks 21st Century Blues album coming through the studio’s speakers, with the heavy base woofers tuned up a bit to vibrate my bones.  Van Wilks is the very epitome of Texas blues and I think, one of the best high-octane blues guitarists in the  country, following in the footsteps  of Texas  greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, Jonny Winter and others.  Like them, Wilks blows  the blues apart with an electrics guitar  and then reassembled it into something unique and even more beautiful.



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