Walter Cronin: healing songs for warriers

walter_horizontal300.jpgWalter Cronin is not are usual guest from the world of pop or rock even country and folk. He is part of an Americana folk group the Gousters. The music is sometimes upbeat and banjo-heavy,  and sometimes it is guitar-led and just heavy. It is modern folk telling modern stories.  Whichever it is, Walter is on his 5th CD and just keeps writing and singing like there is no tomorrow.

But there is a tomorrow for Walter and the men and women he takes care of;  he works hard to make sure of that. He is a PTSD counselor for veterans.  A  PTSD victim himself after a stint as a navy Corpsman (medic) in Vietnam, he was up close and very personal with what war can do to the human body and the human mind.  His music is therapy for him and for those he serves. With a nasal voice that tells moving stories and solid tunes, Walter Cronin is a bit hard to classify.  Some have called it grange-hillbilly, some have called it folk rock and some have even called it PTSD music.  All of the above apply, but you could also call Cronin a poet for his way with words - sometimes uncomfortable words, but always unforgettable words.  

I am so much looking forward to paying those songs and words and talking wit the man himself this Friday.


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