Walter Strauss releases new West African album, MAMAJoWali

WS_standing_red_back300sq.jpgIn the many  years that I have known Walter Strauss, I have always been intrigued by his relationship with the music of West Africa.  i have visited West Africa and briefly encountered what must Burkina Faso and Chad all play music.  But Walter has gone deep, visiting many times, staying  long  and developing intense friendships and musical partnerships.  One of those  partnerships  is with the kamale legoni player, Mamadou Sidibe.  Mamadou and his music partner and wife Vanessa have released numerous songs and albums individually and  s a duo. Together with multi-instrumentalist Joe Craven, Walter and Mamadou have assembled an EP that perfectly fuses the music of West Africa and the American folk scene.  In addition to the West African fusion music,  Walter  has released two solo albums  and played hundreds of venues, festivals, and concerts as one of the finest guitarists in the country.  With many styles literally at his fingertips, Walter can mesmerize, energize or hypnotize using only notes.  His music music is truly a national treasure. We will talk to him about West Africa, about his new album, about his solo music and about going off the grid - yes, he has left  the grid (but still has internet and telephone and electricity from the sun). This is going to be fun.






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