We are back with two wild bands

trouble_bus_300.jpgThe instability problem with Blogtalk Radio has been solved and we are staying with them. Whew!  I really didn't want to move, but as I understand they are merging with their major competitor - where I was thinking of moving to - it all worked out.  We are back on the air and things are running smoothly.  Actually, our Wednesday bilingual show, MusicaFusionLA never went off - the problem only affected Friday shows.

We are rescheduling the shows we had to postpone, this week William Close and the Earth Harp and Trouble in the Streets.  We have a list of great artists lined up for booking through November, so don't miss a single show.  This Friday, William Close talks to us about building and playing the world's largest musical instrument, the Earth Harp, which is several stories high and fills canyons with wonderful melodies. He is an installation artist, as well as a musician, so the conversation should be very interesting. Trouble in the Streets, a new Electro TGribal R&B funk band is up next,  They are known for incredibly wild shows with costumes, funky bets, dancing, and a frenzied crowd.  We don't plan on getting frenzied, but who knows.

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