WE ARE TWIN. Creativity that rocks!

WE_ARE_TWIN_2_heads_cropped_300.jpegI encountered WE ARE TWIN at a SOFAR concert in Sunland CA, where they were performing at  a house concert with three other groups.  The full band  was not there - just Nic Balachandran and Gabi Christine - but they stood out so much that I had to get their story.  Their story is that Nic, A Sri-Lankan  producer and instrumentalist raised in German, met singer-song writer Gabi in New York and it just clicked. In 2013 Zackary Smith (Bass, Keys, vocals) & Justin Frazier (drums) joint the pair and they became  an LA band, struggling for recognition and stage time like the other 10,000 bands in La La land.  But  they offer something different, something that I think signals a successful career.  The something is a rock  talent that blends in punk, soul and pop  and then takes it to another level - they seek not only to entertain, but  to transport. They do that with intelligent lyrics, sophisticated music arrangements and great audience empathy.  

XTRA LOVE  is their debut album, the product  of much sweat and struggle, but a labor of love. The single released last  month, "In the Moment" is a winner from the first bar.  In it, the band creates a shimmering, high velocity world that is  up all night and is ready for  radio spins and streams.  They have a long way to go but I  predict we will  hear it in dance  clubs and races on both coasts.  But this week, we will hear it on Music FridayLive!.


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