We talk to Los Hollywood this Friday

los_hollywood._3_in_color._300sq.jpgI first saw Los Hollywood at the Los Globos club in Los Angeles.  They were part of a lineup of ALM bands each with a distinctive take on Latin-Rock-Blues-Rap fusion that is ALM.  I really was taken by their music.  All inSpahish, with English conversation between songs, I knew exactly what they were singing about.  I was doubly taken when I learned their history.

Almost a decade ago,Heidy Flores, Gustavo Mojica and Marcos Mondragón came together and launched what was then a much more risky project, fusion music mostly in Spanish.  This was before bands like Los Lobos, La Santa Cecelia and Ozomatli had opened up gringo audiences and began to shape what is now ALM - American Latino Music. They landed Grammy-winner Thom Russo to produce their debut EP and it was a hit.  Lind of  retro, kind of Chicano rock, flavored with brit-pop , mostly in Spanish, but occasionally they interrupted themselves in English.  Altogether a grat fun album and promise of things to come.

The other part of their history that interested me is that they are truly a cross-border band.  Founder Heidy Flores is a US-born Mexican-American but her songwriting partner, Marcos Mondragón, is Mexican and currently working just over the border from their San Diego base in Tijuana until he can get a visa.  Which means that the band can't always play with him.  Never the less it works and works well.  Their song CUCU has some of the best hooks in pop music and is on the top of my playlist.  Tune in this Friday and talk with them.


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