Music Friday Blog

  • Sydney Wright joins us.

    sydney_wright._300.jpgSydney Wright will blow you away with her music and her story.  An engineering genius behind the control boards turns out she is a fabulous singer and songwriter.


  • Amada Abiziad this Friday

    amanda_abiziad_300sq.jpgWhen I first saw Amanda at Molly Stone's in LA, I knew I had to have her on the show. And here she is.




  • Niva Soul Diva this Friday

    Great music, greatt story, and lots of style.  We hope she goes to the Grammys.

  • Mad Hawkes this Friday

    md_hawke_sitting_wsith_guys300sq.jpgDance until you drown in sweat, and then rock some more.  Maddie Hawkes, girrrl power rocker, surfer, singer-songwriter and truth teller joins us Friday.


  • Niva the Soul Diva this Friday

    niva._blue_hair._300sq.jpgGreat music, great style, great story.  Join us for a conversation with the Soul Diva.


  • Michelle Lewis talks with us Friday

    michelle._blackwell._300sq.jpgOne of the sweetest and most talented singer/songwriters out there, Lewis has a new album and is bring us a few of its great songs.

  • Sam Ravenna this Friday

    sam_ravenna_bw_had_300sq.jpgSideman to the best, Ravenna steps out on his own with a crackerjack new album and a tour. We ae very  happy he could stop by this Friday and bring some songs and stories of the many roads her has travelled.

  • Whitney Tai on the rise. This Friday

    whitney_head_eyes_closed._300sq.jpgWhitney Tai is rapidly joining the likes of My Bloody Valentine, LUSH and Gemini in moving dreampop to the foreground of music.  Alway more of a description than a genre, she is solidifying the genre with her songs, her persona, her performances in the LA club scene.  We expect to see great things from her and look forward to talking with her this Friday.

  • AOEDE publishes her memoirs

    Aoede__headshot_300sq.jpgAfter over a decade of fighting a debilitating disease, producing records, writing children's plays, writing songs, producing records and theater, winning global music awards, being up for Grammy consideration, Lisa Sniderman, aka AOEDE, has decided to put it down on paper and tell the story to date.  We talk with her about that story and whey she decided to write memoirs in the middle of her career.

  • The new head of the HOB Music Forward Foundation

    nuirit__head._300sq.jpgThis Friday we get to talk with Nurit Siegel Smith, the new Executive Director of the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, who will tell us about her vision for how the foundation can use its $1 million a year in grants to help music education.