Music Friday Blog

  • LOCOS POR JUANA this Friday

    LOCOS_POR_JUANA_STUDIO300sq.jpgThese guys have Grammy noms, major prizes and fill stadiums. Join us for a conversation and their new songs.





  • RAMEKEGA this Friday

    ramkegan_.only300sq.jpegRAMEKEGA is one very interesting band.  three women - two of them sisters - who manage to play virtually any genre well, so well that they are getting radio play and fill some major venues n LA.  Very interesting stories to tell and great songs to sing this Friday.



  • Taina Asili this Friday

    Taina_Asili_by_Mike_Morgan_300sq.jpgI am so excited to talk with Taina Asili this Friday and play her music.  She is excitement personified and she is on a mission to make the world a better place, especially for people who have been left out, forgotten and ignored. A native of Puerto Rico, this American phenomenon cannot only make you dance, but also make you think and want to get involved.  We will be involved in and get involved. (photo: Mike Morgan)



  • Alicia Blue this Friday

    alicia_ablue._face._300sq.jpgAlicia Blue is a Latina who sings Americana and folk so well she can make you cry.  With a powerful unique voice, a history of heartbreak, triumph and much hard work, she has many stories to tell.  Tune in this Friday and hear them.




  • Jerrica Alyssa this Friday

    JERRICA_ALYSSA_300sq.jpgSo looking forward to talking with Jerrica Alyssa this Friday.  She has so many talents - songwriting, singing, dancing, TV voice.  And a lot of stories to be sure. Tune in at 11 am and talk with her on the air.








  • Back from Mexico and ready for SJae

    sjae_head_300sq.jpgEven though we were in Guadalajara - Mexico's music capital according to some - we were putting the final touches on this Friday's interview with SJae.  We have been listening to her music all week.  She does so many things so well that it is hard to comprehend how good she is.  Best just to talk with her which we will do this Friday at 11 am.


  • March 1. The Tourist Company. New single and new adventures

    Tourist_Company300sq.jpgI met these guys in Mexico last year and good things just come around.  we finally reconnected and about the time we did, they have a new single out. We get the full story of where they have been and the play their new music.




  • Feb 22. John Mayall. We interviewed him and premiered new album

    Mayall._photos_by_Cristina_Arrigoni.jpegFor over 50 years, John Mayall has served as a pioneer of blues music, rightly earning him the title, "The Godfather of British Blues". After decades of touring and recording, in 2013 John signed with producer Eric Corne's label, Forty Below Records, and has since been experiencing an artistic and career renaissance, including a Blues Hall of Fame induction in 2015.  This Friday Forty Below Records will release Nobody Told Me, Mayall’s  new studio album. Born in the UK in 1933, Mayall first became attracted to jazz and blues through  his father's 78s  record collection, listening to guitarists like Big Bill Broonzy, Brownie McGhee, Josh White and Leadbelly. However once he heard the sounds of boogie woogie piano giants Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis, he was hooked.  As a young teen, he began learning the guitar and  later, the harmonica, inspired by Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter. The rest is history: mentoring future stars like Paul McCartney, Mick Fleetwood,  and Eric Clapton, moving to Los Angeles, more live and studio albums, and world touring his band The Bluesbreakers. Never stopping, he recently recorded albums in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and began playing live as a trio. His 2017  European tour resulted in the critically acclaimed live recording Three for the Road that showcased his skills on organ, piano and harmonica. In 2018, he recruited Texas blues guitarist Carolyn Wonderland -- the first female guitarist in his permanent lineup- for recording and touring in 2019.   Mayall also has a  new studio album in the works which features a full blown lineup with guest contributions from an impressive list of extraordinary, well-known guitarists.  So with the usual full calendar of live shows booked from coast to coast and all over the world, John Mayall’s prodigious musical saga continues, as vital as it has ever been. listen here



  • Ozomotli this Friday

    ozo_tour._300sq.jpgWho would have believed in 1995 that almost 20 years later, not only would the Latino fusion band Ozomotli still be kicking it, but that the music world would have almost caught up with them, as we saw at the opening of the Grammys last week?  Latino and Latin and Latino fusion music are now universally popular, and Ozo helped move that revolution and are on top of its wave.



  • Two great women. Two new albums. This Friday.

    nominjin._seated._mic._300s2.jpgWe are back from NAMM and off to a fast start with SISSTER and Nominjin. Tune in.