Music Friday Blog

  • Power singers Danielle H and Avionica this Friday

    jOSE_Mrochek_300_SQ.jpgDanielle H is at the beginning of her career.  With an EP, several singles and a solid reputation for session work and backup vocals, she is getting ready to release her debut album and video while blowing away live audiences in Southern California. She can't see, but wow, can she sing and nothing stops her.  Avionica, AKA Jose Mrochek, fills arenas in Latin America with powerhouse rock in Latin and English and is bringing that power to the LA  and the US music market.







  • Mexico, Korea, and good ol' American rock this Friday.

    joe_kye_violein_pluck._300.jpgI love mashups, especially cross-national and cross-cultural mixes.  This Friday our first mashup is Mexican and surf music and Spain and Brazil and results in a Rockabilly Mambo or south of the border surf music with El Twanguera who mixes up into a fabulous groove that brings back Duane Eddie and the 60's and looks forward to today's fusion music. Our second mashup is Joe Kye who added a loop pedal to his Korean classical violin pedal and the percussion, and then finger picking and then lyrics and collaborations and the rest is history.





  • The old and the new. Leslie Mandoki and Parker Matthews this week

    Mandoki-300sq1.jpgWell, this will be interesting.  
    A man who has done it all and is creating yet more new music and a young man just starting out in a music career but with a message.  Mandoki tours the world from his base in Germany has worked in virtually every aspect of music at the highest levels and is now in Los Angeles with a new project.  Parker Matthew grew up with bullying because he was different, went into film and is now using music to express his message of tolerance, love, and respect for the LBGT community. I am very much looking forward to these conversations, and to sharing the music.

  • Blowing your mind this week. Money Chica and Holy Golden

    money_chica_s300sq.jpgTwo bands that inject drug music into your ears from different directions. Money Chica hits you with 60s-feeling psychedelic over the top cumbia rock - "Chica" music from Peru and Columbia,  Holy Golden take you a dreamy world that then rocks you with 4/4 beats and pulsing melodies. Either way, this Friday you will meet two bands that know how to get into your mind.






    namm-show300.jpegMusic Friday Live will be at the NAMM show this week.  NAMM- the National Association of Music Merchants is the CES of the music industry.  Over 100,000 people converge on the Anaheim Convention Center, next to Disneyland, for 4 days of demonstrations, concerts, showcases, equipment displays, panel discussion, and awards.  Everybody who is anybody in music is there, along with a lot of people who want to be somebody and are working on it.  Over a thousand booths demonstrate the latest in music instruments and technologies, many with stages for mini concerts during the day.  the main stage outside offers concerts from major headliners, and private parties and receptions are too numerous to count, along with the musicians who play at them. From Eva and the Vagabond Tales to the winners of the John Lennon Songwriting contest and hundreds in between the music never stops. We will not broadcast from NAMM. but we can tell you all about it.

  • Americana blues rock from Nashville to Detroit

    JillJack-byMichaelHacala0_300_sq.jpgI am so looking forward to this Friday.  We are back from our Christmas vacation in Mexico full of salsa and cumbia and tequila and ready to get back to the basics of MusicFridayLive - blues, rock, folk, jazz, Americana, bluegrass (next week we will return to rap and hip-hop and metal and all that other good stuff.) The guests this week are both old and new to us.  jill Jack has been on the show twice before and I have seen her live twice.  She is the electrifying country blues-rock queen from Detroit (yes, Detroit has country music).  And up from Nashville is one of the most interesting and enjoyable folk rock bluegrass groups I have ever heard, the husband and wife duo Mare Wakefield and Nomad. Get ready for down-to earth lyrics, heart-piercing melodies and a great accordion.





    Music FridayLive! and MusicaFusionLA radio have teamed up with the UK’s online magazine and radio network, Artistic Echoes, to recognize indie artists from around the world whose music inspires and moves us. Here are the winners for 2017.

    The 2017 Awards

    Best Album, Male goes to The Simpkin Project for their album,  for Beam of Light @SimpkinProject

    Best Alt Rock Band goes to The Rigs.  @TheRigsOfficial  

    Best Metal Artist/Band Award goes to Militia Vox. @MilitiAismyname

    Best Rock Artist, Female goes to Doña Oxford @donaoxford  

    Best Album, Female goes to ARI for Tunnel Vision @iamARImusic

    Best Live Performance Award goes to The Earth Harp.  @theearthharp

    Best Rock Band Award goes to Los Hollywood. @los_hollywood

    The 2017 Song Of The Year award goes to “Reckless”  by Eric Zayne.@EricZayne  

  • Steve McCormick is out of this world.

    I have known about Steve McCormick for some time, but I had not seen him live until last week.  He has played behind some of the biggest and in the country, he has provided the music for movies and TV shows I watch, and he is known for putting on a great show.  Despite all of the this, I almost missed the fact that he would be appearing at the Santa  Monica Playhouse last week, with my good friends We Are The West.  So I was delighted when I got in and looked at the program and there was the Steve McCormick that I had been listening to for years.  And did he put on a show!! I booked him for an interview before he even got off the stage.  This week.  11 am PT.


  • Humbled by this Friday's guests

    Shelly_P_300.jpgI am so proud and happy to talk with two remarkable people this week. Grammy nominee Shelly Peikin who has written top hits that we all know and love, and Blake Morgan, a visionary and artist who manages to be a sell-out entertainer while managing one of America's most innovative music corporations. Both of these talents have earned their spurs in a very tough industry and both have compelling stories.  Shelly especially humbles me with the multiplatinum songs she has written, the stars who rely on her for songs, and her book  - yes, a book - she thinks about what she does.  And being a mom, and wife and whole person. Wow!

    Blake Morgan is not only a headling singer/songwriter, but a champion for the rights of musicians - musicians must get paid is his principle.  He founded the ECR Music Group, a global music corporation that works on that principle.  All artists under contract to ECR own 100% of their masters.  Plus Blake and ECR are fighting for a law to change the rates that artists are paid for streams and downloads so they can make a living.

    This will be a great show.

  • From India and Brooklyn to LA: Akshara and The Rigs

    Rigs_W._300.jpgThis week we really look at the extremes.  Akshara combines classic carnatic Indian music with its modern cousins and western instruments for a taste of South Asia you have never heard before.  Then The Rigs show up and blow your minds with pulsing beats, whispered vocals and it country?  Is it roots? Is itg Americanan?   I am anot sure, but it sure is fun.